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AG Forschung

The AG Forschung (Working group Research) is concerned with transfer and service learning research in German-speaking countries and promotes networking and continuing education activities in higher education research with a thematic focus on civic engagement.

In addition to systematizing previous research results around Servcie Learning, Civic Engagement and transfer activities in order to discuss important research findings and current research projects, the aim is also to offer universities an orientation knowledge for the design of education through responsibility. Furthermore, the WG wants to network and bring together researchers in the field of Civic Engagement in order to further develop the German-speaking and European research landscape. For this purpose, a virtual research colloquium will be offered alternating with the conferences of the University Network. The dates for 2024 will be available here soon.

Interested researchers of any qualification level are cordially invited to participate!


The AG Forschung 2021 published the Proceedings ‘Impulse zu Methoden der deutschsprachigen Civic-Engagement-Forschung’, which were created because the planned research workshop was cancelled due to the Corona pandemic. They are available for download

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Contact: ">Dr. Carmen Heckmann

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Activity report of AG Forschung 2022: PDF

Activity report of AG Forschung 2021: PDF

Activity report of AG Forschung 2018-2020: PDF

AG Qualität

The working group is fundamentally concerned with the question “What makes a good service learning event?” and has been working specifically since summer 2018, together with the community, on quality criteria for service learning and useful tools for quality development. The goal is to provide stakeholders with guidance on how quality can be ensured and how this can be taken into account during planning and conception. The quality criteria have been finalized in early 2019 and support tools will be developed based on them. From 2020 to 2022, a subgroup has been working on the development of items for the evaluation of service learning.

Twice a year, the WG offers an online workshop in which two speakers usually give keynote speeches, followed by a further or more in-depth exchange.

The next date is December 8, 2023. As a contributing speaker, we will welcome Karsten Altenschmidt, who will explore on an empirical basis the question: Why do community partners get involved in service learning?

Interested people from science and society, as well as students are cordially invited to participate!


The AG Qualität has developed the following “Ten Quality Criteria – A Reference Framework for Successful Service Learning” 2018.

Authors: Claudia Bremer (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt), Julia Derkau (Universität Mannheim), Claudia Leitzmann (Landesnetzwerk Bürgerschaftliches Engagement Bayern e.V.), Jörg Miller (Universität Duisburg-Essen), Christiane Roth (Common Mission), Christine Sattler (Freiwilligen-Agentur Halle-Saalkreis e.V.), Dr. Julia Sonnberger (Hochschule Augsburg)

Publication of the 10 quality criteria 2020: PDF (EN)

Item collections for teaching evaluation based on the ten quality criteria, among others.

Brok, U., Leitzmann, C., Schlegler, M., Müller, L., Sonnberger, J., Derkau, J. & Sporer, T.: Quality criteria and evaluation: a measuring instrument for the German language area. RIDAS, Revista Iberoamericana de Aprendizaje Servicio, 2021/12, 45-58. DOI10.1344/RIDAS2021.12.6

Contact: Dr. Julia Sonnberger, Thomas Sporer

Activity report of AG Qualität 2021: PDF

Activity report of AG Qualität 2018-2020: PDF